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What can I expect when I contact Mindmatters?

Once you contact Mindmatters, we would usually arrange an initial business meeting within a week.

There is no fee for our initial meeting. It may last up to 50 mins but sometimes can be briefer. This session provides an opportunity to explore whether and how we might work together and gives time for you to ask any questions you may have about psychotherapy.

What happens next?

If we decide together that psychotherapy seems to be a suitable option, we will arrange a few subsequent sessions. These initial sessions give an opportunity for you to introduce yourself at length and to speak about what has been troubling you, both recently and in the past. You will have a further opportunity at this time to discuss what type of therapy might be most useful for you. Arrangements such as availability, regular appointment times, affordable fees, frequency of sessions, payment arrangements, and other contractual issues can be discussed at this point and at any subsequent point in the future.

Fees for these initial consultation sessions will be based on the agreed fee for psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy and Jungian analysis
Although I do have a standard fee, a reduced fee can occasionally be negotiated. Only some session times are eligible for a reduced fee (e.g. within normal working hours). I routinely provide reduced fee psychotherapy and analysis for counselling and psychotherapy trainees. Fees for online appointments are the same as for psychotherapy in person.
We would usually discuss fees during the first few sessions.

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How to contact me:
Telephone: 077 6391 6877

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Fees are usually £90 for an individual session of 50 minutes, longer times pro rata. Group supervision fees are paid monthly and depend on the size and regularity of the group (weekly or fortnightly). In some circumstances (trainees), a supervisee can negotiate a reduced fee.

Working Dates

Clients attending once-weekly are usually offered between 42-44 sessions per annum. Therapeutic breaks would usually take in the major bank holidays. Clients are given ample notice of breaks.

Emergency cover

Rarely, in some circumstances, clients are provided the names of experienced psychotherapists who are able to offer emergency therapeutic cover during therapeutic breaks.