Mindmatters provides individual and group supervision based on psychodynamic / psychoanalytic / Jungian analytic principles and practice.

What is supervision?

Supervision involves a confidential on-going conversation about the working experience of therapists. Supervision is also of benefit for those involved in any of the helping professions who wish to explore and understand the underlying dynamics of their working relationships with clients, colleagues, and their organisation or agency.

Supervision at Mindmatters aims to:

  • Facilitate, encourage and inform your work with clients, supporting your professional development.
  • Explore the dynamics of the supervisory relationship and how this might inform you about your client work and any wider organisational context.
  • Enable and evaluate competent and ethical professional practice.
  • Maintain the reputation of the therapeutic profession by attending to standards, ethics and clinical governance.

(Adapted from 'Supervising and Being Supervised' by Wiener, Mizen & Duckham, Palgrave, Macmillan 2003).

Supervision is provided for both trainee and qualified colleagues and other helping professionals who seek a psychodynamic perspective to their work. For counsellors and psychotherapists, supervision at Mindmatters offers continuing experiential training in psychodynamic / psychoanalytic / Jungian analytic theory and practice.
The type of supervision offered by Mindmatters depends on your needs as a practitioner. An initial consultation session with the supervisor provides an opportunity to assess together what type of supervision may be most suitable. Mindmatters offers both individual and group supervision for both individual and group therapy.

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How to contact me:
Telephone: 077 6391 6877

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What can I expect when I enquire about supervision?

Once you contact Mindmatters, we would usually arrange an initial business meeting within a couple of weeks.

There is no fee for this meeting. It may last up to 50 mins but sometimes can be briefer. This session provides an opportunity to explore whether we might work together. Arrangements such as availability, regular appointment times, affordable fees, frequency of sessions, payment arrangements, and other contractual issues can be discussed at this point and at any subsequent point in future supervision. This initial session also offers an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about supervision.

We would assess together whether individual or group supervision is more appropriate. Factors affecting this would include your level of training, experience and work, and also the nature and intensity of your work with clients.