Parent-Infant Psychotherapy

Parent-Infant Psychotherapy aims to provide exploratory, psychological support through talking therapy for adults who are concerned about their experience of pregnancy, childbirth and care for infants under twelve months (including adoption). This might include the experience of:

  • becoming or not becoming pregnant
  • interventions for infertility
  • miscarriage or termination
  • adoption
  • pregnancy and birth
  • parenting an infant under twelve months, including relating with baby

The reproductive phase of our lives has a powerful impact upon us as human beings in terms of our body, mind, life and relationships. Sometimes physical illness, loss, socio-cultural or economic stress, domestic conflict and mental health concerns, such as postnatal depression, contribute to difficulties in our reproductive experience. Psychotherapy acknowledges the need to understand and to make sense of the significant impact that wider factors have upon us reproductively, both psychologically and biologically.

If a parent or parents seek therapy after the birth of their infant, the therapeutic focus is on the bonding relationship between parent(s) and baby. The parent(s) and the infant attend appointments together. The therapist will focus on building relationships and trust between parent(s) and baby with the aim of:

  • Supporting the parent(s) to understand their baby’s needs and respond sensitively to them, and
  • Keeping the baby actively engaged emotionally with his/her parent(s).
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